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The following is a true story. All events mentioned in this
book are real. I began writing this book while serving
time at Lompoc Federal Correctional Facility in May 2012 and
finished it on December 23, 2021.
It was Wednesday afternoon December 2007. My attorney and
I visited the Federal prosecutor. He, the prosecutor, had a great
deal for me. He told me that I either sign a plea agreement
he had prepared for me by Friday or he would arrest my wife
and sister the following Monday. He was seeking to place me
behind bars for eight years.
I was a successful businessman. When I left the IRS, I started
my very own accounting practice. Most of it dealt with
representing individuals and corporations before the IRS. My
practice grew to 4,000 clients. I was on television, radio, and
newspapers. I became famous. Until one day I met this man
who promised to take me public. He, this man, was a convicted
felon. I trusted him.
Soon after, I represented a U.S. congressman before the IRS. He,
the congressman, wanted to help me go public when he heard
about my future endeavors. Soon after, this congressman, was
convicted of a felony for making a false statement in an official
election document and was sentenced to two years’ probation
and community service. I trusted him.